Accidental Caps Lock Protection On Your Keyboard

October 08, 2007

I’ve just got one of the new Apple wireless keyboards. I have to say - i’m very impressed with it! It’s incredibly thin, good to look at, and doesn’t seem to gather as much crap in it as the old Apple keyboard. :)

Little did I know that it’s even quite smart about people hitting the caps lock key by accident. I like it even more now (as I do hit the caps lock key quite a lot by accident)!

But I did notice something odd. I rarely use the Caps Lock key, but often accidently bang it, missing the left Shift key. I would feel the mistake while typing, but then I’d look down and see Caps Lock hadn’t been engaged after all. Oh, I must have just imagined my mis-strike.

Over the next few weeks, this kept happening to the point where I started questioning reality. I was positive I hit it. This required scientifical investigation.