iPhone "Invention of the Year"???

November 03, 2007

I like the look of the iPhone - I want one even. But it’s hardly the single greatest invention of the year… Thankfully someone out there has put some reasonable thought into this:

Invention of the year. Take some time and dwell on that statement for a moment. Not invention of the month. Not invention of the week. Not gadget of the year. Invention of the year!

The iPhone may be “pretty” but it certainly does not reduce pollution, protect people from hurricanes, distributes solar energy, or allow an amputee to have a finger.

This is not to say the iPhone isn’t amazing but to give it Time Magazine’s Invention of the Year is truly an embarrassment to the magazine.

Definately gadget of the year - but no way invention of the year. There are much more worthy examples in the article, let’s face it, the iPhone won because it’ll sell magazines. I sometimes wonder about the culture of today…