Top 10 Quicksilver Plugins

November 18, 2007

I love Quicksilver, it’s one of those applications that makes working on the Mac really really great. Lifehacker has a quick rundown on 10 of the best plugins to help improve your Quicksilver experience:

Open source Mac utility Quicksilver isn’t just an application launcher—it’s a comprehensive keyboard interface. Launching applications and documents is just Quicksilver’s gateway drug: The more you get used to doing things with Quicksilver, the more things you want to do with it. Out of the box Quicksilver comes with the barest essentials, but once you add the right plug-ins that interact with menus, apps, documents, and settings, you can accomplish more and more complex tasks from that familiar three-paned prompt. After the jump, check out top 10 favorite Quicksilver plug-ins, and how to set them up.