Active Scaffold Ajax CRUD Interfaces for Ruby on Rails

December 30, 2007

This could be most useful in the near future…

Most web applications have many more model objects exposed on the backend, or admin side, than they do on the front. Coding interfaces for all those models is redundant and a waste of resources when all you need is CRUD functionality that’s smart enough to handle all your ActiveRecord associations.

ActiveScaffold is a Ruby on Rails plugin that provides you with a wealth of dynamically created goodness, just plug the ActiveScaffold into your controller, you can have a AJAXified table interface for creating, updating, and deleting objects then. It has the following main features as well.

  • Automatic handling of ActiveRecord associations
  • Sorting, Search and Pagination
  • Graceful JavaScript degradation
  • RESTful API support (XML/YAML/JSON) baked in
  • Sexy CSS styling and theming support