Britain Advises Against Vista, Office 2007 for Schools

January 12, 2008

Although I do have to admit to liking MS Office (and indeed MS Office 2007 is good), I have to agree with this recommendation. There is pretty much nothing MS Office could do that OpenOffice could not do for you in a school setting - so why shell out all that money for Office licenses and force the kids parents to as well (or resort to dodgy copies) when free software is good enough. And as for Vista… Linux has my vote for schools every time.

Britain Advises Against Vista, Office 2007 for Schools: “An anonymous reader writes ‘The British government’s educational IT authority has issued a report advising schools in the country not to upgrade their classroom or office systems to Windows Vista or Office 2007. According to this InformationWeek story, the British Educational Communications and Technology Agency says costs for Vista and Office 2007 'are significant and the benefits remain unclear.’ Instead, Becta is advising British schools to take a long look at Linux and open source suites like OpenOffice.org.”