Is the MacBook Air THAT Bad?!?

January 25, 2008

Finally, a common sense response to all of these MacBook Air bashing articles. I admit - I don’t want one, i’d rather have a ‘regular’ MacBook or a MacBook Pro, but there are people out there that would want something like this…

Direct from the Canadian Ministry of Silly Punditry we learn that the MacBook Air may increase risk of laptop loss (tip o' the antlers to Colin Morton).

Indeed. The only way to ensure your laptop won’t get stolen is to buy big fat honkin' ugly ones.

But, clearly, neither of those beats this gem from PC World’s Mike Barton:

MacBook Air Amiss: Time to License Mac OS X?

Good question! Like “I Have Stubbed My Toe And Find It Painful: Time to Commit Suicide?”