UK ISPs To Start Tracking Your Surfing To Serve You Ads

February 19, 2008

Don’t the ISP’s already have a revenue stream?!? I mean I do pay for my internet connection, why on earth would they think that i’d like adverts shoved down my throat as well! O2/Be - you better not be looking into this…

TechDirt has an interesting article about a UK-based company that is trying to work with ISPs to make use of user surfing data to serve targeted ads. “Late last year, we heard about a company that was trying to work with ISPs to make use of that data themselves to insert their own ads based on your surfing history – and now we’ve got the first report of some big ISPs moving into this realm. Over in the UK three big ISPs, BT, Carphone Warehouse and Virgin Media have announced plans to use your clickstream data to insert relevant ads as you surf through a new startup called Phorm.”