Packard Bell looks to reposition self as 'trendy' lifestyle brand... LOL!

September 23, 2008

Read this post and it just made me chuckle to myself…

Packard Bell is set to reposition itself as a trendy design-focused lifestyle brand, following its acquisition by Acer last year.

Speaking at Acer’s Global Press Conference, Emmanuel Fromont, Vice President of Packard Bell Sales and Marketing, said:

“It’s not a totally new positioning. We’ve always differentiated ourselves through design, but as a smaller company and having to do the design in-house, it was more difficult.”

“Now with Acer behind us, we want to create aficionado fans of our products. We want people to have real desire for our brand.”

Pocket-lint spoke to Acer UK country manager Bobby Watkins, and he told us that the new designs for Packard Bell were something we should look out for when they become available sometime next year.

Here’s what happened last time I saw a PB that was trying to be “trendy”:

Packard Bell FTW!

Those things were a piece of crap, (and fuuuuugly) always falling apart and loads got returned… Let’s hope these are much improved - if not, it will always give us a laugh! :)