Android Goes Open Source

October 22, 2008

Yesterday was a big day for advanced mobile phones - Android went fully open source.

I really like the iPhone (it will be my next phone) - it’s the most complete device out there, but I would love to see a truly open platform like Android have a great handset underneath it and really take off - it’s the only thing I can see that stands a chance of really taking on the iPhone. (Future unreleased editions of Windows mobile etc. don’t count - we’re looking at the here and now, these platforms won’t stand still while others try to catch up…)

Today is a big day for Android, the Open Handset Alliance, and the open-source community. All of the work that we’ve poured into the mobile platform is now officially available, for free, as the Android Open Source Project.

You’ll be hearing a lot about Android devices. We’ve all put a lot of effort into the first Android device, and I’m really happy with the way it turned out. But one device is just the beginning.

Android is not a single piece of hardware; it’s a complete, end-to-end software platform that can be adapted to work on any number of hardware configurations. Everything is there, from the bootloader all the way up to the applications. And with an Android device already on the market, it has proven that it has what it takes to truly compete in the mobile arena.