Cloudcamb Notes: Biocep

December 18, 2008

I went to an event called Cloudcamb last night (I love working in Cambridge) organised by Matt (ta very muchly), the evening was very good and informative, but the one thing that really stood out for me was a very interesting presentation on the Biocep project that anyone who uses R (or would like to use R) should be interested in.

Here’s my take on the basics of it and why you would want this - there’s really LOTS more there!!!

The first thing Biocep is (that’s not really advertised much on the site) is that it offers a vastly improved interface to R that has the following tools:

There are other R gui’s out there (i.e. Mac and Windows R spring to mind) - but they are not as slick as this.

The second thing biocep gives is that it allows you to run R instances on remote machines (i.e. up in the “cloud”, or on clusters or grid systems in your work place / institute), from your desktop and be able to work collaboratively with other people using fully shared sessions (i.e. both of you can play with shared data, talk and see all of the visuals the other person is seeing all in real-time - it’s really impressive to watch).

Seriously, if you work with R, check it out!