Homebrew: The First Batch

September 29, 2009

I’ve always fancied trying my hand at a bit of home brewing but never actually found the guts to get myself a kit. Well, this time I finally went through with it and I’m now the proud owner of a starter home brewing kit!

I got the kit from the folks at The Happy Brewer in Bedford, it was very reasonably priced, and they were very friendly and happy to explain what was needed to be done to a complete novice. If you live near the Bedford area and fancy having a go yourself I’d happily recommend them.

The first batch in progress...

That there is potentially 40 pints of Woodfordes Wherry, a very tasty beer sold at the local near the Sanger Institute - fingers crossed I’ll do a good job of it. This is the first fermentation step, in about 4-6 days I can move it into the barrel, then it’s a 3-4 week wait for the finished product. Will update with news on whether I killed myself (and anyone else brave enough to try it) soon! :)