IWPLS 2009: The Sanger Mouse Resources Portal - a Testbed for Collaborative Data Integration

September 21, 2009

Last week I enjoyed some time up in Edinburgh for the International Workshop on Portals for Life Sciences (IWPLS ‘09), hosted at the e-Science Institute. It was a good workshop - there were good presentations, lively debates, and good social planning for the evenings!

I have to admit that quite a lot of the content of the workshop was completely irrelevant to me and went straight over my head at times, but I did enjoy it, and it’s good to hear what other people are doing.

I was there for two reasons, first was an interest in the content of the workshop, and second was that I was one of the people presenting a lightning talk! The content of my talk was pretty different to most of the other presentations - they were mostly about grid computing and development of portal interfaces for said grids - whereas mine was about the architecture I developed for the new Sanger Mouse Resources Portal.

It seemed to go down pretty well, it got a couple of laughs, no one fell asleep and quite a few asked questions at the end, so I was quite happy at that. Here’s the slides from the talk, just in case anyone would like to take a look. Copies of all the presentations from the workshop can be found here.